Glenn Amer  


Glenn Amer is a one off and a national treasure! - Frank van Straten AM

Glenn Amer’s shows combine thrilling piano wizardry and his mellifluous singing voice!

Glenn Amer is the only artist in the history of commercial recordings to have recordings released on Compact Discs, Pianola Rolls and even acoustically recorded Cylinders.

“with the fingers of Liberace 
and the voice of Mario Lanza”

International Piano Showman Glenn Amer ☚


Glenn is delighted to announce he has been appointed Head of Faculty, Piano Division at the Hume Conservatorium!

Please be sure to visit the CDs page to see Glenn’s latest recordings.

“Amer, a conductor, accompanist, operatic vocal coach and solo performer, is a dream partner, creating firm, balanced instrumental support in sync with the voice in these gems of yesteryear...”

-Brisbane Courier Mail


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